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Monday, March 20, 2023


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You can generate 3d models with NVIDIA's generative AI.
There's a ChatGPT plugin via GitHub for Unity as of today. There's already a startup working on using procedural generation combined with LLMs for game development.

Some of the article is off the mark but the ability to create more purposeful NPCs is definitely more exciting for the metaverse. The downside is cost, because it will be prohibitly expensive to run in realtime with thousands of NPCs interacting with their own agency with players/ users.


"It does not reflect knowledge, facts, or insights"

This basically untrue and doesn't follow logically from "you get a response that fits the patterns of the probability distribution of language that the model has seen before". In fact, the internet abounds with proof that ChatGPT does, in fact, provide insight and shows understanding of what it is dealing with, even if with patterns and expectations that aren't human-like.

One such case, among the very, very many: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChatGPT/comments/zkce3z/chatgpt_can_hypothesize_with_published_data_and/

Kate Nova

Many interesting and discussion-worthy ideas here. I'd like to focus on one stub:

Generative AI is "on a collision course with copyright/intellectual disaster".

It's worth considering that while lots of people are currently screaming about this, it is not at all new. Meta & Alphabet's globe dominating surveillance capitalism is built on scraping user/personal/private information, paying nothing for it, and then using it to reap large profits.

It's hard to imagine government regulations reigning in the destructive business models of Meta & Alphabet. Still, it's at least interesting to ponder a world where Artists protesting theft by AI Artbots leads to legislation that shuts down or forces compensation for Meta & Alphabet's data piracy practices. I use the word "piracy" not in the sense that what Meta & Alphabet do is illegal, but that it is unethical, carries dire social consequences, and should be illegal. Sadly, even if such fantasy legislation were to arrive, it might only serve to lock in the gargantuan behavioral databases Meta & Alphabet already possess and lock out future competitors. They have such detailed models of human behavior already that they may not need more data at this point.

Only Meta & Alphabet are true and near-total surveillance capitalists. The other horsemen of the apocalypse, Microsoft, Apple & Amazon dabble in surveillance, but it is not their primary business model. But scraping/stealing data is everywhere. And has been for years. As one small example, the college anti-plagiarism app TurnItIn scrapes millions of student essays to compare them against new submissions. Like so many others, that company makes money by scraping/stealing the work of others and paying them nothing for it. (per TurnItIn's website, they receive 200,000 student papers per day)

On the other hand, copyright today is out of control. In the US case, Sonny Bono's "Micky Mouse Protection Act" extended copyright to the life of the author plus 70 years. Let's say I'm today 20 years old and I create a character here in 2023, say Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter. I live for another 80 years and die at 100. The Luke Skywalker that enters your cultural consciousness in 2023 can't be freely played with (enter the public domain) until the year 2173. That's a long time to wait to be able to legally write Harry Potter fanfic.

We have two polar opposites. Oppressive copyright that locks down human culture for vast generations of time. And scraping/theft of personal and creative information and works on a massive scale with zero compensation. What these opposites have in common is that they both tend to advantage corporations and disadvantage individuals.

I dream of, but don't expect, a middle path that includes sensible, contemporarily relevant Copyright Reform, and then applying it to Meta, Alphabet, all the Chatbots, all the Artbots, and even the smaller fish like TurnItIn. I'd love a scenario where individuals are paid for their creativity and personal data. And where fees were not so high that AI couldn't afford to train on available data.


The most work with AI is vision ...

It took over 6 million years for humans to evolve from ape like creatures. AI is only about 20 or so years. It is evolving at an explosive rate, as is, hardware fast enough to run the neural networks. AI is doing some amazing feats right now that is much faster than the human brain can comprehend. I'm thinking in the next 15~20 years AI will be making advancements much faster than the human brain ever could. But Vision is where it's at. Once AI can see like humans, then they will be taking a staggering amount of jobs like driving, and the food industry, to packing and picking produce.

Han Held

A "Generative AI" in the hand is worth twenty "metaverses" in the bush. In other words, the metaverse advocates are simply mad that for all the hype of the last decade or so they don't have anything that's useable and accessible to ordinary people right here and right now. But AUTOMATIC1111 can be run on a desktop TODAY.

So to my ears, this is all bullshit and sour grapes.

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