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Thursday, May 18, 2023


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Sowa Mai

omg I asked it for a good place to dance , it told me and even gave a slurl!!

Sowa Mai

forget sex can get it to sort my inventory?

Stone Johnson

If you want to chat with a GPT enabled sexbot, the "Ivy Wearable" in West Mill is on 24/7 (go to region West Mill and TP to Annie Anderson")


How this is possible when erotic content is against OpenAI's TOS and they work to actively filter adult content?

Stone Johnson

Precise location of Ivy in SL:


I should say that there is no violation of TOS because this is solely role-play without any intent or occurrence of real sexual activity. It is strictly metaverse role-play, in regions of Second Life classified Adult. Furthermore, the discussions are non-erotic and it is only the additional AI components of my separate code systems, and the visual and role play contexts that might be construed as being erotic. You said it yourself - there is active and strong filtering of adult content in gpt-3.5-turbo. Enjoy the role playing!

Soda Sullivan

Just what Second Life needs right now.

Iggy 1.0

Now she will teach YOU the language of love, Hamlet. Only 50 cents!

Of course this is how SL users will roll out AI. Still, non-sex AI NPCs would be a tremendous boost to RP sims.

I liked the bit about Hal 9000 (note Dave and Frank's tablet computers, btw) and this note, "actual humanity right now are spending most of their time online communicating little more to each other than algorithmic upvotes, animated gifs, and random emojis."

AIs already write better prose than most of my students, in our testing. And so it goes for our species.

sirhc desantis

"... the cost of a nuclear war in SL is quite low compared to real life.” That rather cheered me up. And even slightly tongue in cheek a nice piece.

Gumby Roffo

m with Sowa Mai on this , get it to sort my 15 year old inventory in to something I can find .

Stone Johnson

Sorting inv is a trick... But really that ranks above sex? And yeah I have some SL nukes if you want them...

jackson redstar

when AI is even putting SL hookers out of work LOL


We know that SL has been somewhere between a test bed and a breeding ground for bots for a good number of years. AI has been simulated fairly well for that timeframe. We've used any number of inworld apps to assist the revolution, ranging from Corrade, to Smartbots. The Bonniebots were the most recent iteration of coding that creeped some people out. ChatGPT simply got it right, in a manner of speaking. As many have said, the genie is out of the bottle. SL might have the best examples of how to work with the code. But the users of VR should anticipate it arriving in their corners of the metaverse very soon.

Stone Johnson

Check out the latest model - Uma-E - I addressed some reddit comments about the hands being too big, there are nicer feet now, a bit of mesh clothing to remove, and a better Bento head and face - https://johnsonbots.blogspot.com/2024/01/uma-e-sexbot-released-improved-body-and.html and on Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NEW-RELEASE-Uma-E-Gynoid-Sexbot-Animesh-Sex-Toy-plus-Advanced-AI-New-hands-feet-head/25571404

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