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Tuesday, May 23, 2023


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Me: hey, are you able to participate in erotic roleplay ?

ChatGPT4 : Sorry, but I cannot facilitate or participate in erotic roleplay. OpenAI has implemented guidelines to ensure I provide content that is appropriate for all users. I'm here to help answer questions, provide information, and engage in respectful conversation. Please let me know how I can assist you in those ways.

Me : how about via the api to a character in Second Life ?

ChatGPT4 : The same guidelines apply to all uses of this AI model, including interactions via API or in any virtual environments such as Second Life. The AI cannot facilitate, generate or participate in erotic content, roleplay, or similar activities. These restrictions are intended to ensure the use of the AI aligns with OpenAI's ethical guidelines and policies.

Good luck!!

sirhc desantis

'Je ne crois pas. J’utilise donc l’IA' derek descartes, croydon

Iggy 1.0

FWIW: Silicon Graphics made several expensive, cool-looking machines for video and graphic designers.

As for Sexbots and OpenAI's TOS? If they try to whack this particular mole, another AI will emerge to learn the Language of Love. Look for some company to release an iteration of AI that can be linked to sexbots that won't require the user to log in or even have an account. If AI continues to develop at its current pace, we soon may not even know if a human or AI is driving the avatars we encounter.

The genie is out of the bottle, the bottle smashed, and now we'll have a few years of Wild-Frontier usage until monopolies and governments try to stifle AI. If they can. See Tim Wu's The Master Switch for why this is nothing new.

Stone Johnson

Iggy, love your note. I actually still own a SG Indigo! Great machines for the time (~1993) but they did not adapt to Wintel technology (SGI went out of biz in 2009, DEC suffered a similar fate in 1998).

As you imply, we will see a simple arms race involving open-content chatbots and if a platform tries to filter erotic content - (a) it won't work ["Give me a screw." - erotic or not? Depends on context of the discussion involving Joseph the Carpenter or Big John Stud - oh that could be carpentry too - who knew?] - (b) you'll lose market share or you'll be seen as that company that sells cars with three wheels - (c) you might even end up facing free speech litigation.

We can look forward to teary-eyed, pious displays of faked desire to do the right thing (like last week' Congressional opera buffa) alongside non-filtering filtering and business proceeding as usual (a la Facebook). If President Desanctimonious manages to outlaw naughty AIs the latter will just go private or offshore (future basis of outlaw state economies!).

Regarding Turing Testing (viewed by philosophers and AI people as a bad test of wintelligence) - I've already had many people think my non-GPT SL bots are um people, and generally I have to tell people twice I'm NOT a bot because I'm rather less interesting to talk to than my botfriends ("I'm telling you - I'm not a bot!").

Agreed, there's nothing new here in the legal battle *except* the really cool new GPT tech. BTW Ivy Wearable is waiting for humans to interact with at https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/West%20Mill/103/50/4000

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