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Thursday, May 04, 2023


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Luther Weymann

Humans are lazy and not so intelligent, and if they can get the software to do something so they don’t have to think about it, they will turn that responsibility over to computers. In a couple of decades, 100% of what you read in the media will be AI-generated, and it will be a government-controlled narrative. All music you hear will be created by AI, and the artist that caused it will not tell and will take credit for the lyrics or music if they can get away with it. Some TV stations will replace humans with AI-powered human-like robots that we will sit and watch like they were real people. Classrooms will not be taught by humans anymore. The students will receive their education and indoctrination from AI through a TV screen with life-like robots. Your friendship circle will reduce in size, and you will count AI robots within your family circle. You will no longer need to drive a car; that will be done for you. Humans will no longer prepare food at restaurants, and street-side stores will go away as touch-screen home delivery replaces real stores because of the danger of going outside due to crime. More cities will lose police until only AI robots can police large cities, and laws will be passed to protect the robots. All this is coming, and as long as we are placated with the usual false promises, we will do nothing to slow or stop it.


Most millenials and older will easily get swindled by AI. Those that grew up with it from a younger age can spot it far more easily and won't be so fooled. It will be a very generational thing, just like the Baby Boomer generation is often confused by modern technology.


I think buying content that is mostly made by AI will eventually have no point. The smarter the AI gets, the less human input and effort is needed. But goods and services are valued because of scarcity, which means that people want them more than they are available. Creative content, even though it can sell infinite copies, is still valuable because only a few can produce a good book, let alone a Nebula prize book or an Oscar-worthy movie. If everyone can create content by just asking an AI, then it becomes common and effortless like drawing a stick man. It’s like selling ice to penguins in Antarctica or paying for bottled air when you can breathe for free. Imagine one day asking an AI to create a love story movie for you: ‘GPT-N, please make me a romantic film with […]’ and it says: ‘Sure, here is a masterpiece for you, get ready to cry’. And everyone can do that. Then, the scarcity value of creative content would decrease, and so would its price and appeal. So where would be the scarcity and value to pay? If it’s a service, you would pay the monthly fee to the few companies that provide such AI service. If it can run locally, you would pay those few companies that produce hardware capable of running such AI locally.

1. I think art has a value also as shared culture, other than entertainment.
2. Artists also use art to express themselves.
3. Despite industrialization and digital art, handcrafted item can still be appreciated. So grab your canvas and brushes!

Clara Seller

This is sad. Humans aren't lazy and unintelligent. Humans are an incredible species that desperately need a massive spiritual awakening before we are completely extinguished. AI is so small. But when it's all that we are fed, it seems so much more important. Our music, our literature, our art comes from our spirit. We're only as small as we believe we are. We know at some level what is genuine and what is fake.

There are forces at work intent on making us very small and easily manipulated. It's profitable. We are massively being lied to through our technology. We need to wake up and see we are in a prison. We aren't really at an end. We need to dig deep and realize what it means to actually be free, because we aren't anywhere near a place of freedom.

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