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Monday, May 01, 2023


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You're overthinking it. Just like everyone else, they are fully aware the best way forward is "Don't call it a Metaverse"

But they'll never admit to that for obvious reasons.


It took weeks (days? hours?) after Facebook rebranded to Meta for the tech industry to blow up with a thousand different definitions of 'metaverse'.

Most insidious were conflations with Web3 that many were desperately trying to make trend at the time.

More innocuous was this blog that holds Snow Crash's definition of metaverse as authoritative.

In-between was actual real huge competition for Horizon like Second Life and Roblox that have variably been called virtual worlds, 3D social networks, games, MMOs even in the past but now that the word 'metaverse' is fashionable again they're called 'metaverse'.

Didn't this blog's tagline change from "Wagner James Au reports on virtual worlds, VR & Internet culture" to one with several uses of the word 'metaverse' in the past year or so? And the most recent book is about the 'metaverse' as opposed to 'games' in the one before? This blog and its author shifted to heavily dropping 'metaverse' wherever possible like the industry did at large.

When a word starts being more vague than specific, its not that useful anymore. When it spends some time being more associated with grifts like NFTs instead of what one cares about it's definitely not useful anymore.

Buzz words come and ago. It's totally normal for big players to steer away from words they helped bring to the limelight once its meaning becomes too saturated and conflicted to actually define anything clearly anymore. I don't hear 'internet of things' a lot anymore, but I wouldn't accuse Samsung of backing out of giving half their appliances apps and internet connectivity. 'The Cloud' isn't used as much as it was years ago, but it doesn't mean tons of the internet isn't hosted by AWS.

Buzz words come and go. I know this blog has a special attachment to 'metaverse' since it probably first used it when Facebook was an infant, but I wouldn't read too much into Meta steering away from the word. It's not like you'll find 'Web 2.0' or 'social media' mentioned much from them either. They say 'our products' or call the product by name. It's more definitive than a word like 'metaverse' and what it's become.

Don't be surprised if in a year OpenAI isn't saying 'artificial intelligence' a whole lot.


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