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Thursday, August 17, 2023


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And not only is the content 'mediocre', but it unavoidably gets MORE mediocre and fuzzy over time, by its very nature (as explained by super SF writer Ted Chiang): https://www.newyorker.com/tech/annals-of-technology/chatgpt-is-a-blurry-jpeg-of-the-web


Another explanation is that, in summer, there is more interest in games and less in homework-aid because students are on holidays.

If we zoom out and look at the 5 year graph to get the bigger picture, most of the spikes in Google Trends for Minecraft and Roblox happen in summer and Christmas; the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic are also clearly visible. Fornite is on a slow downtrend since years. There are multiple factors for these trends, tough (also note that the graph is the USA only, while by choosing "Worldwide" the trending down of ChatGTP on Google search is less pronounced).
Sure, another factor may be that the initial hype on ChatGPT may be fading out and some people couldn't find any better use, especially those on the free version that has no Internet access and is based on the outdated GPT-3.5 and they are unaware of the alternatives (here is a failure by Microsoft in promoting their Bing Chat, for example, for several reasons).
Given that, I think it may be too soon to conclude anything now: the interest could fade out or the trend invert again by October. By then or December, though, maybe Google Gemini would be the next thing (unless Google flops again as they did with Google Bard).

What worries me most, short-term, is the use of LLMs by propaganda bots and generated pictures and videos that may affect the 2024 election in the USA. They are surely not less interested than before.

Iggy 1.0

Hamlet, why continue to compare it to metaverses? That is like comparing sales of bicycles to motor vehicles, because they all have tires.

And did you consider / measure ChatGPT usage as it is now rolled into Bing? Numbers will grow there. A better comparison would be as a percentage of queries, as compared to traditional search engines. I bet Microsoft will have those data for Bing with and without AI.

In higher ed, generative AI is huge. It is now incorporated into Grammarly and Google Workspaces. It feels different from our short-lived infatuation with SL, which had a clunky UI, ran poorly on student laptops, and felt “creepy” (their favored term than) to many undergrads and creepy and pointless to many administrators.

As for the quality of the AI output? There you make a more interesting point. Yet even there, as my six months of testing indicate, the ChatGPT 3.5 made enormous progress in stylistic variation, transitions between points, and quality of arguments. ChatGPT 4 is even better.

Sure, it’s still a synthesis but better than what most of my first-years produce. The makers have turned off the ability to quote directly from any works, even those in public domain, out of fear of copyright lawyers (fair use laws vary, globally).

I suspect that unlike SL, generative AI will scale. Keep revisting this topic, but please stop comparing it to Metaverses: Different applications completely.

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