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Wednesday, January 24, 2024


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"misses the fact that there are already thousands if not millions of people creating relatively high quality immersive content on metaverse platforms... and actually enjoy doing it, and make money from doing so."

Most users only reuse "high quality" objects made by others. Someone can create a scenery with them. Only a few hobbyists master tools like Blender or Maya, and even fewer monetize their work. Professional software requires a lot of learning, time, and energy. If it's a job, it is worth your time and energy. But as a hobby? It's not for everyone.

Ideas are abundant, but skills, time, and energy are scarce.

The more you raise the bar, the fewer people do it.

You can see that also in Second Life. A lot of the clothing nowadays are templates from only a handful of creators (and sometimes vehicles and other stuff downloaded from websites or ripped from videogames).
What most SLers do nowadays is e.g. buying already-made houses, furniture and tress to put together a nice place. That may still be fun, but do you remember the old sandboxes? When people were creating their own houses, castles and everything else?

When creating is simpler, it is more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience, thus you have many more people creating (and actually enjoying doing so in their free time), in turn you have *more creations*. How fun Minecraft would be if you had to learn Blender to play with it?
What if I could create the butterly castle of my dreams by just describing it with natural language, instead? A much more accessible tool and creativity for everyone. And those with the most creative ideas still shine.


As for the "much larger corporations with far more employees and far deeper pockets" I won't underestimate the smaller, but more agile companies. Who made a successful virtual world? Meta with Horizon? Linden Lab with Sansar? Or a couple of indie devs with VRChat? And who made the best image generators that you can use so far, Google, Microsoft? Midjourney 6 itself pretty much rivals DALL-3 and it's even better in some regards.

What about OpenAI vs Google and others? Eventually Microsoft invested in OpenAI and now OpenAI has a huge hardware availability.
Anything may happen, but I won't exclude that Midjourney will follow a similar path. David Holz very likely has interest in hopping onto the hype train also because of this and I'd take what CEOs tell with a pinch of salt.

Anyway a sort of real-time is here already:
In a year or few years? Who knows, but these systems are progressing quickly so far, also breakthroughs can happen (as well as wars and insane presidents, though) and new hardware is coming. There are things that are more or less likely within a certain time-frame, but eventually doable.

As for the IP issues is a complex matter with gray areas. I'm not a lawyer, but I can see that a sentence could impact the development too. On the one hand you have always people training themselves by looking at other people's works (whether in a book, in your local museum, square or on the Net), but then they can develop their own unique style even though with similarities. That sounds fine to me. i.e. although Artemisia Gentileschi was influenced by Caravaggio, her works weren't a plagiarism. On the other hand, if you use my material for an investments of billions of dollars, it makes sense that someone wants a slice.


People who create assets create them to be used as assets. And a lot of the time those assets get paid for.

You want to use artists work to create your own? Pay up or learn to make your own stuff. That’s all there is to it. We put our energy time and love into the things we make. And unless someone gave us a contract saying “we’ll pay you a living wage and fair royalties/licensing for all of your hard work to create assets for other people to use for theirs” it’s not yours to use.

AI creators need to get over themselves. Seriously.

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