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Thursday, January 25, 2024


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It still seems almost absurdly lacking in basic functionality given that list, are we expecting a 2024 release? I assume so, it's entirely possible but I did think that the alpha would be at the stage of actually being a mostly-functioning viewer with basic features like inventory etc... these are fundamentals, not nice-to-haves.

It's looking good but really we're probably looking at a late 2024 release given the progress.

Amber Nicole Draconia

Looks a lot better than lumiya honestly lol. How much is it gonna cost to get?

Amber Nicole Draconia

Is it going to come out for Android too??


Yes there will be an Android version. What I've been seeing as far as feedback on the SL forums is that the app will run on devices that are fairly old - on iPhones it goes back to XR. But I will want to update to a new iPad this year to get the best performance.

I would expect any earlier that mid to late 2024 even though they're making lots of progress, after all it's Linden Labs and also they are not going to want to mess this up. It will be a game-changer as there's no one else in that space on mobile that really provides this level of graphics quality.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

@Lizj a game changer? Naaah, I wouldn't say so. I'd say it will be "mostly ignored", or, at best, vaguely mentioned by one of those ultra-geek gamer e-zines that nobody reads anyway.

However, it will have a considerable impact on the current SL population (not me, I guess; my faithful iPhone 8 will probably not be supported :) ).

And I'm hoping that the redesigned user interface — namely, things like the "virtual joystick", dragging around to turn or move the camera, touch gestures, and so forth — will be part of the user experience that residents will have... on the Apple Vision Pro :) Now that will be a game-changer... a luxury for those that can afford it, of course, but, trust me, there are far, far more people in SL that can afford to buy one of those — if it supports Second Life!

Somewhere, deep in the dungeons of Meta, there is a Zuckerberg praying to all gods and demons for Linden Lab to fail in their port of SL to mobile — and potentially to VR sets next. All the buzz around Oculus & Horizon Worlds was just Zuckerberg's desperate attempt to at least control one hardware device which is not owned by Google or Apple (or, well, Microsoft — I'm thinking about the Xbox), and where he can impose whatever rules he wants. Well... if Apple suddenly has their own helmet-cum-virtual world, I guess that terminates Zuckerberg's dreams of metaverse dominance, once and for all? :-)

The future will tell. I was hoping to at least see a release before the end of 2023 — an appropriate commemorative release for the twentieth anniversary! — but being forced to coerce the Unity engine to render a world using a technology which is so radically different from whatever else is out there would always be a huge challenge. Just being able to get some things working at all is an amazing breakthrough, considering the limited resources and time that LL managed to allocate to this project (compared to the "thousands of engineers and developers" hired by Meta to work for almost a decade to create a virtual world with legless avatars, and the 100 billion US$ spent on the technology so far).


The autistic workers of SL and owners don't know how to run a business they should get a celebrity or something to promote the business and flow of people like they did in the early ohs but the autistic workers and owner don't know how to run a business and make things happen anyway but the worst thing about it is they should invest in a crypto coin of their stature and fund the business with the coin fun anyway that would be really good ah yeah make this happen you're my only hope

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