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Thursday, March 21, 2024


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Looks promising,if not a little unnerving. There would definitely have to be some very kind of indication that you weren't dealing with a human. A couple of initial questions come to mind regarding the scenes shown. What if the club is empty at that time, will it try taking you somewhere else? How does a location get on the list of places the bots might take you? Would it be based on entries in the Destination Guide, or a list venues can apply (pay?) to be on.

Kaylee West

I agree with all the points you make and your reservations. As someone who has used "intelligent" NPCs in SL as part of our formal undergraduate curriculum for 15 years, I would love to see if Convai NPCs could be deployed for our educational purposes. A big one for me would be can their NPCs handle Languages other than English (especially Asian languageslike Chinese). Sadly Inwworld.ai, which has a similar set-up to Convai can't handle Chinese (at least the last time I looked a few months ago). That's where ChatGPT is superlative. The other problem with both platforms is that there is no way for ordinary users to deploy these NPCs in SL as far as I can see (nor in VRChat which is where I have another research/training project that needs intelligent NPCs). Would love it if both platforms would facilitate easy implementation. For the moment I'm sticking with Mistral AI and ChatGPT.


The bots are apparently already broken. There's a discussion in the official Discord server between residents that have visited them. There's no bot/npc/ai type identification and none of them have the scripted agent box ticked, so they're in breach of the TOS as well.


The Lab should know by now that because they have a user base made of tech types, saying "We've got this new thing, come check it out!" is basically a request to stress-test and critique yor shiny new thing. Which in all likelihood will break in short order.


This partnership between Convai and Linden Lab to integrate AI-driven NPC guides into Second Life holds significant potential for enhancing the user experience and community engagement within the virtual world. The demo provides an intriguing glimpse into how Convai's conversational AI can contribute to guiding new users through the complexities of Second Life.

However, as highlighted in your insightful analysis, several considerations must be addressed for effectively deploying these intelligent bots. Integrating them seamlessly into the website/setup process could significantly impact new user retention, particularly by addressing the common drop-off during download/installation. Moreover, distinguishing Convai bots from human-driven avatars is crucial, ensuring a clear demarcation that respects the inherently social nature of Second Life.

Your point regarding the involvement of Second Life's content creator community in utilizing Convai's platform is also noteworthy. Empowering creators to leverage Convai's technology could foster innovation and further enrich the virtual experience for all users.

The announced features and updates to Convai, such as Convai Connect, Narrative Design, Long-Term Character Memory, Multilingual Support, and the Modding Framework, demonstrate a comprehensive approach to integrating AI-driven NPCs into virtual worlds. These features enhance user engagement and offer developers greater flexibility and control in shaping NPC interactions.

Overall, while this demo represents an early stage in the evolution of Convai's integration into Second Life, it's exciting to envision the possibilities for creating dynamic and immersive experiences within the virtual realm. I look forward to seeing how this partnership evolves and the positive impact it may have on the Second Life community.


This surely has potential.
I agree that they should be easily identifiable.
When I had a look on 2024-03-22 at Castaway Cove, there was one of them called "Greeter Bot", not as a display-name, the last name was really "Bot".
See: secondlife:///app/agent/f401c81b-1600-4a95-b6d4-e7bc7b0c720d/about
I wonder if they are considering to use that last name for them all; I think it would be a good idea. There are other ways, of course, on top of that. Some games adds an icon or a question mark atop their quest or info NPCs, for example; gamers would recognize that, I think.

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