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Tuesday, April 16, 2024


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Plainszebra Resident

Gonna be real honest, the rampant use of AI is SUUUUPER lame. People spend so much time trying to beautify their avatar in-world but what's the point of all that if you're just gonna mask it with AI? Gets rid of the point of having your avatar in the first place.


This is such a thought-provoking article! It’s fascinating to see how the evolution of AI tools like Krea AI, Midjourney, and Leonardo AI is impacting the aesthetics and authenticity of avatar representation in Second Life. The craving for "real" avatar photos amidst the sea of AI-enhanced images really highlights the community's yearning for genuine uniqueness and individuality, which can get lost in the pursuit of polished perfection.

Yo Roo’s call for raw, unedited avatar photos is a refreshing stance that champions the originality and distinct characteristics of avatars. It’s interesting how this mirrors earlier debates over Photoshop use, but with AI, the ease of creating high-quality edits adds a new layer to the discussion on authenticity and artistic integrity.

I appreciate your insights and the way you're encouraging a healthy dialogue around the use of AI in creative expressions. Thanks for shedding light on this topic and stimulating such an engaging conversation!

Spiffy Voxel

How 'amusing' that the comment from Techseeker above is... an AI-generated response that pretty much regurgitates your blog post. Oh, and their 'site' appears to be another SEO clickbait farm. Sigh.

I rarely do much editing to my Second Life photos beyond maybe cropping and some colour / exposure adjustment. But that may be because I'm not on social media these days, or blogging as a job.

Who cares

Why does it matter? If people are doing it for fun, why do you care about what they are doing?

Felicia Fannybottom

Why does it matter? Well for those who read the article, it should be clear... it doesn't matter... use it for fun, use it for yourself, but if you want to repost it on social media or create a Flickr, A Flackr, or a Fu... can't say that... if you wanna post it, give credit where credit is due, that's all. Excelsior!!

sirhc desantis

Ser Spiffy is spot on - I think its out of the bowels of the alphabet company =^^=

I do love the worry that this AI malarkey is going to have an impact on...pshop users. Still, if people are going by blogshots etc then sobeit.

( Vague parallel - In meatspace I cook as a hobby. I see a recipe and go oooh will give that a try. I do not expect it to turn out like the enhanced photos. Well, apart from the trend that keeps coming around of serving brown stuff on brown rustic plates on a paint peeling off table - maybe a scandi thing but I digress. )

I still hold with your world - your imagination so its just another tool innit? Have fun, enjoy! Anyway, I never run in to anyone inworld that looks like all these still pictures. It is its own form.

Robert McNay

"I think [AI enhancement is] an easier option to get top notch edits without having to do the arduous work of learning Photoshop (buying Photoshop) and becoming really experienced with it,"
This is really why artists hate AI, it democratizes art. Average Joes can learn it. It no longer the province just a few.

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