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Wednesday, May 01, 2024


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I am privileged to be the editor of the inworld newspaper, the Hathian Observer. I’ve done this for coming up to two years. The world building is real and while like every RP community there can be issues I’ve never come across a more diverse and inclusive community that tries to support each other. I’m not a second life expert, but we’re hitting 25 - 35 published stories a month from multiple reporters and from all kinds of players creating those stories… are there many other RP sims with this activity and 15 years of newspaper archive to search, research and lore build with?

Anyway, Teal’s video is amazing and I’m really glad Nadir commissioned it. Hopefully I and other community leaders can support any new roleplayers as they join the sim. Give us a try - we’re oocly friendly and icly as dangerous or as chill as you want… perhaps one of our reporters can even help you find your next great scene?



What an incredible read. I've been part of the Crack Den Community for 17 years. I met my RL husband in the Crack Den! Seeing Teal's work and my husband's community spotlighted here makes me so incredibly proud. Thank you so much for this! Come visit us anytime.


Teal gave a very authentic look into crackden with her video. Her commentary is also spot-on. Crackden is a vibrant city teeming with life. Nadir has provided a canvas for a bevy of artists and writers to come and introduce their own ideas via roleplay. The crackden hud features and the implementation of Ai aspects provide a level of ingenuity that honestly makes the world feel as if it is growing in real time. There are so many nuances and so much depth to the lore that it could take some years to grasp the totality, yet it is welcoming and easy for anyone to insert themselves into. With a community this diverse I am sure that anyone who is a writer can find their place in the community.

Gwenette Writer



I've had misconceptions over the collective region's name for some time but near the end of December 2023, I decided to actually step in and see what it was truly about.

It's been over four months now and I ask myself why I hadn't given it a try sooner. The community built there is just incredible and everyone and everything has such deep history that pulls you in and clamps upon you like a vice. The trailer, while beautifully done, only scratches the surface. Crack Den absolutely must be experienced and I do hope the trailer gives anyone the nudge they needed to set foot in Hathian.

Bryce Canden

Crackden for years has been the leader in gritty urban role-play. Teal's video gave a true taste of what Crackden has to offer. AI and the video have taken things to a whole new level. Ive been a part of the community off and on for the last 10 plus years. Ive seen it grow and flourish. I can not wait to see what the next 10 bring.


Teal's artistic work is fantastic, I have watched it over and over again, and it's representing CD's core story so wonderfully.
I am admin at CD for more than a decade now, and while writing this, I can't believe it myself. I never expected to be so involved in -any- internet community.

The level of creative story-writing, the rich history, the complexity, the diversity both in players and characters, the dedication and integrity of staff and the creativity of community members - it still amazes me and ties me to this place.

And while CD is the home of veterans like me and has one or the other historical building, too, it is in a constant process of innovation. From the inside - the development of new tools, HUDs, AI-integration - from the outside - through new builds and amazing environments, but first of all through a vivid international community that welcomes new RPers on a daily basis and will continuously weave stories: exciting, violent, tragic, sexy, and often funny.

Joy Saad

I've played many characters over many years in Crack Den, even before it was reshaped by the Hurricane. I remember my character getting trapped in the storm, her little brother almost being swept away on debris floating through the flooded streets. Even then, Nadir created the setting for the players to be able to play out their stories.

My personal RP niche is Fantasy, but I keep coming back to Crack Den because there is nowhere else on the grid where you can find a community of this size, and this prevailing through the years.

I've also been a fan of Teal's work since I started seeing it as part of the SLVCG group. She is supremely talented and I think she has done a stellar job of capturing the essence of Crack Den. It's gritty feel, and the ever-present war between the Police and the criminal elements that may or may not sweep up any of the citizens in the cross-fire!

Active Player

This is a cool video. But does not even reflect the actual Roleplay experience a single bit. Don't get your expectations high because the reality of SL is. Most of time not a whole lot is going on. But that is for every roleplay SIM in SL.

If you want to play gangster and cop in a city that would not function like this at all in real-life, the place is perfect however. It has potential for cool RP situations if you play something around the criminal side.

The scenery never looks as fitting as the video makes it out to be, the streets were not really under water when that event was happening which is a shame. But SL has its limitations.


I started RPing in CD back in 2011. Over the last 13 years, I have left and always return to this sim because of how it functions. If you like gritty urban settings, this is the place for you. It has a special place in my heart.

Hitori Skyther

The video was amazing and does capture the essence of the RP we have over in CD. When I was first told about the sim, I was like Urban RP? No thanks! I always preferred fantasy sims. But my friend told me to come try it with her. So I decided whatever and went... And I never left. The people who played there were so inclusive, that it made it worth staying after only a day of amazing RP. I've been RPing there for over a decade now. My character has gone from 17 to 28 years old and has grown and developed by the roleplay and environment there. It really has captivated my imagination. It's like reading a good book, but one where you get to control the narrative with a bunch of other like minded players. So thank you for vlogging about the sim! And thank you Teal for the amazing work you did on this video!

Jordan Rizzo

I've been a proud member of CD for years on years now, and still to this day it has never failed to amaze me. It's filled with awesome writers who have helped bring some of the most entertaining stories to life. A great build to help immerse you into the experience! And ROCKSTAR staff members! There really is no other like it on the SL grid. And Teal, of course she has done an outstanding job of brining it to life on the screen. If you have never played in Crack Den before, I highly suggest flying your way into town today! Come by The Daily Grind and Rizzo will be more than happy to help get you started on your way. Free coffee for anyone willing to sing for it!


I've been in CD for a few years now.
Love it so much that I've decided I'm never leaving it!
There really is no other place in SL like CD and don't think there will ever be any that'd be able to compete.
Totally enjoying my time immensely and the video that was made by Teal is beautiful.
If you're looking for RP feel free to DM me and get involved in stories with Xena.

Darkstalker Darkfold

I've been following Teal's work for a while and as usual the combination of SL footage and 3D editor work is very cool.

Of course, the video doesn't represent 100% what happens in SL, but I think everyone understands the technical limitations. But, nadir, the owner of the sim, does a lot to make sure that the scenery is updated and added details every year (without burning weak computers, which is very important). And that's probably how you'll see the CD game in your mind's eye.

And while the video had a main focus on action, I want to assure that those who want a more peaceful rp can find things to do too. Just as night can't exist without day, so too in CD if a lot of little non violent stories.

Come and try it for yourself. А если вы говорите на русском и хотите найти компанию для рп, то тоже милости просим!


Left SL for a few years, First time back and the first roleplay sim i looked for was CD. So happy it is still thriving. it was and will forever be my favorite roleplay sim. Teal's video is a fantastic depiction of what you can get into. CD has a place for everyone......Jump in!

Georgi Bach

My experience playing at Crackden is that it isn't what it is cracked up to be. I was seeking to get immersed in the dark underbelly and be involved with shady characters. I wanted to do things like kidnappings, break-ins and robberies. But finding that type of RP at CD isn't as easy as it is at other places in the past.

The main reason is there are many cliques in Crack Den. These are the experienced players who have decided that only certain people are allowed in the storylines and anyone outside of it will be ignored. These cliques do the cool storylines.

If you are not in a clique then you will be "enjoying" spending 2 hours ordering food at the Diner or how about 3 hours at the bar where all the cool kids indirectly rub in the cool storylines they are in.

There are some cool people there. Sam the Pawn Shop owner is very welcoming. He is a cool cat. There are also not some cool people, like this one female asian avatar that is very manipulative OOC, watch out for her. There is good and bad everywhere.

I can see Crack Den becoming addicting and a blast if you can get yourself in a clique family. Maybe next time I go shopping and come across someone cool with a Crackden character pick in their profiles, I 'll hit them up and see if I could get in somehow.

The video is very cool but not quite what happens at Crack den. Maybe I should try Crack Den again as a crooked cop.


About 6 years ago I gave Crackden a fair try. Some talented people there can really craft novels a paragraph post at a time. Crackden is a great place to roleplay, but don't be intimidated if you are new to RP.

I really recommend starting out as a cop. It is the best starting job by far cuz you can tag along with other cops when crimes come in. Plus some think up of really crazy crimes that makes for interesting scenarios.

What made me quit playing at Crackden is the lag!!!! I just spent $3,300+ on a brand new Macbook Pro at the time and it was very hard for me to move around on the lowest graphic settings. Other sims in SL had more tolerable lag, even busy clubs. I did stick around for a few months though. If it wasn't for the lag I would still be playing there for sure.


Dang man, Crackden was one of the first sims I visited when I was new over a decade again. Whoever is running that Crackden joint that be one hell of a passion project for sure. 10 sims that ish is crazy. Congrats for that success and that hot video. That is flaming hot fire. Y'all deserve it.

I tried to get into that Crackden when I was a young little homie with a lot of free time. No one wanted to do anything with my goofy ass lol.

Peace and love to the Crackden multiverse.


Pretty cool video for a pretty cool sim. Crackden is one of Second Life's best destinations to experience. Highly recommended when you have plenty of free time that will go by fast. RL commitments have kept me away. I sure would love to dive into the den once again.


Warning: Crackden is as addicting as crack!

I used to spend so much of my time there a few years ago. Crackden is so much fun and it is the community that makes it a blast. The people there are playing characters that actually have character. They do take themselves seriously and the character bios are worth reading. The place is like a movie set where people are always playing their part.

Although it has been years there are some characters that were so well done that I do think of them from time to time.

First there was this really flamboyant guy that always dressed really well. He was kinda like the Joker from Batman in a way and can make one feel uncomfortable when near. He had a small crew that took orders from him and their hideout was the butcher shop. Probably the greatest character in all of Crackden IMHO. Top 3 material.

There was this goth guy always dressed in black standing on the side of a building or in an alleyway just barely within chat range. He would never say anything, just there... watching, listening, spying. I never uncovered the mysteries of this guy. But he was pretty creepy and random. My guess is he is stalking a prey to kidnap.

I couldn't forget this homeless guy. He didn't come on much but when he did he made every scene more entertaining. I remembered others liked playing with him and another told me that this guy been doing role for a while. I did like his avatar, it wasn't just a guy in dirty clothes but conveyed this guy has seen some you know what... if that makes sense.

Speaking of someone everyone liked playing with, the Pawn Shop owner. This guy was the local celebrity. There was always something happening on the corner of the Pawn Shop. This guy played with everyone and I mean everyone. This guy deserves a statue, just make one of him already. There was this thing in the Crackden HUD where you can unlock the ability to become armed, I remember when I unlocked that I was able to buy a shotty from this guy.

I will not forget the prostitutes. Oh the prostitutes. They can be rare at times, but Crack den did have some... interesting prostitutes. I remember there was this one that was kinda weird. She had massive, ahem, lets say juggs and she has this kink involving a dog. I will leave it at that but I will also say that she was one of the most detailed roleplayers. That woman can sure write up some paragraphs like no one's business!

There was another prostitute that dressed like a street prostitute. She was blonde with a revealing tank top and always wore fishnets. She also worked in a southern accent with southern charm, nice touch since Crackden takes place in the south. That charm went away when I tried to low ball her on prices! I did remember feeling guilty not stepping in when she was getting beaten. It is Crackden after all, there is a hospital.

Speaking of the hospital. I remember there was this guy that looked like Bruce Wayne that was really good. His RL job has to be in the medical field. There was also this cute black haired nurse that I had a little crush on. I tried flirting with her on more than occasion and never had any luck. She was shy but a cutie.

Another girl I had a crush on was this thick, heavily tattooed bad ass girl. I think her name was Indi or something. She was a bad chicka that pulled a knife out on me near Lou's Bar. She was so gonna stab me. I think she was affiliated with the well dressed, flamboyant guy.

There are even kids at Crackden and they go to a school too! I thought it was weird at first but it wasn't at all. They play very realistic and trying to make sense of things around them. I heard LL updated the TOS on child avatars, I really hope it doesn't affect this part of Crackden. How they have it set up in the sim rules work.

There are some memories and people, like the crazy pimp that ran the adult toy shop or that MILF red head that worked at the Diner, but I will stop myself right there!


I love seeing creative forces joining together on a project like this.

Many still believe Second Life is so 2010.

This proves them wrong.

Second Life is alive and kicking.

The Crackden is alive and kicking.

Lets Goooooooooo!!!


Teal has some talent. The way she is able to blend Second Life visuals with her own effects is remarkable. This is one of her best works yet. Crackden deserves the honor. It has been around since the dawn of Second Life. If you haven't checked out Crackden yet, then what are you waiting for?

You don't have to be a roleplayer to appreciate the amount of effort the creators have put into the sim. You can visit and observe happenings as a visitor as long as you follow the visitor rules. Which is simply not interfering or interjecting yourself into scenes and wearing an object that makes it known to others you are not there.

Watch out for the lag. It is a sim bordered with other sims all around it. There is very little to no dead space so your CPU/GPU will be pushed to the limit. I recommend lowering your draw distance, max # of non-impostor avatars and LOD settings. It will help some. Laptops will run very hot so grab that cooling pad.


Excellent video. Props to all involved.

To those having difficulties roleplaying in Crackden: are you putting in any effort?

It is very easy to get started. There is always a gathering happening somewhere. Are you going to them? Are you emoting?

There are also many job openings. Great way to meet people. Jobs are great because the people who visit have came because they have some interest in interacting with you. Think about it.

Put in the time. Put in the effort. Others have to know your character first before making it a part of their story.

Crackden is not designed for instant gratification. Once you get accustomed and know your way around there is no other place you will want to be.


@Buster, I am going to try my best to guess.

Flamboyant Guy: Camden, boss of the Street Bones gang. I agree he has character. Not many can take his intensity. I did get tortured by him and got to know him better in IMs while we were waiting for others to post. He is a stand up guy, one of CD's best. I also like that he keeps his gang tightly knit, quality over quantity.

Creepy Goth Guy in Black: There are a few goths at CD, most of them are female. I have never came across one that hangs out just outside of chat range AND doesn't participate.

Homeless Guy: I remember seeing one a while back. I don't think he is the same guy you are talking about. I have seen 3 homeless females.

Pawn Shop Own: Definitely Sam! He is a local celebrity.

Doggy Prostitute: I know exactly who you are talking about. I am 90% sure her name was Claire and yes, she really loved the dogs and that doggy style. I never took her character seriously. I couldn't tell if she was a troll. If she was then even the trolls in CD have impressive intellect.

Fishnets Prostitute: This one I think I know who but I do not remember her name. She was slender and would be on Bourbon. She was at CD for a period of time around the pandemic.

Bruce Wayne Doctor: Nothing coming to mind for this guy. Sorry.

Black haired nurse: Too generic for me to narrow down on.

Bad Ass Girl In Tattoos: Oh that is India, she is part of the Street Bones.

I only got 3 out 9 :/

Dakota's Secret Admirer

I do remember the doctor that looked like Bruce Wayne. Very serious roleplayer, I wonder whatever happened to him. I think his name was Michael something.

In the past and present, CrackDen has and had so many great people. Awesome place to spend time in whenever I have the time.

There is one person in all of CrackDen that makes me nervous like none other when I am around, Dakota. Something about her I just find so sexy. There are a number of other girls I also find sexy. But Dakota, wow, I feel both infatuated and stressed out in a scene with her. It drives me so crazy. I was so close in mustering enough courage to tell her how sexy I find her, but I couldn't. I didn't want to be a creep, but I will remain a Secret Admirer of hers.

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