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Thursday, May 09, 2024


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Lone Wolf


Savannah Joy


Highly annoyed

The text-to-speech/speech-to-text is something many SL-users have been asking Linden Lab for, FOR YEARS, because it increased accessibility, especially for the Deaf. Linden Lab staff always said they could not, it was too difficult, not on their trajectory, whatever: they always hedged.

Including at the Linden panel talk at VWBPE 2024: Grumpity Linden said (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdHfqQLhzho 28:41min): "In order for us to explore that we are actually aligned with you completely, that, text to voice, voice to text, translation, scripted voice, all of these things are kind of the future of voice in virtual worlds. We need to be able to take this step first in order to be able to progress and so they're all on our long-term vision, but they're not on our road map, because the first thing we have to do is move to Web RTC voice....and hopefully the next time we talk we'll be like 'Oh yeah! It's coming in a week!', or 'It's already shipped, how do you like it?'. But for now this is the step we're taking, and we look forward to just the improved voice quality, and the next after that will be moderation tools [for voice], I believe."

"kind of the future of voice in virtual worlds"? --- Well, one tiny team in a very young grid did it right around the time those words were said, with no fuss. Linden Lab should be ashamed of itself.

Xenon Darrow

Another amazing opportunity with Wolf Territories that doesn't exist elsewhere on the HG is that so much of the functions and apps are API driven from the database. This means that many functions (ie. cool stuffs) are not using LSL at a "middle man." That results in greater security, lightning fast response, and an amazing diversity in development that is not available elsewhere! That is what happens when you have someone TRULY BRILLIANT doing this and constantly pushing the boundaries of tech!

Xenon Darrow

@Highly Annoyed: so very very true. But LL has never seen benefit in catering to real education and making accommodations. They wrongly still believe that gamers are their primary target market, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. They still believe they can be Facebook/Meta and go public. They even drove all their corporate clients out of world by doing the famous IP grab established so successfully by the Zuck. It's sad and deplorable.

Soda Sullivan

Like you Wag, I had thought OpenSim had sunsetted long ago. After being pushed out of SL by Linden Lab (a sloppy occurrence with no appeal response at all despite the claims of their recent FAQ) I decided to give OS a vist and was pleasantly surprised. It is not just Wolf grids that is innovating. Many regions are pushing hard and fast at adding new option to their grids. I would guess this is a benefit of having a small group (or even a single person) focused on their grid and looking at and implementing innovation. Wolf Grids is certainly a perfect example of this. Once once the new advancements are realised, they move very fast across the entire OS system. Weeks, not months.

And yes, land is far more economical in Open sim. I just personally opened my second region (the land equivalent of 16 SL sims, with 30,000 prims) for an annual cost of about $95 US.

It is far from perfect. with each grid general creating their own engine, it can be hard to make a implementation is something across all of OS tricky. (PBR lighting for example) but if you are looking to run your own business or are interested in innovation more than just generic retail, I have found OS to be pretty amazing.

One more caveat, I have no numbers to back this up, this is based solely personal observation, but I believe that the population of OS is far more global than that of LL. I see communities from across the globe that I simply did not see in SL. This may be a result of a far easier learning curve in OS and because of the more reasonable pricing.

Kaylee West

The grid sounds amazing and much more affordable than SL (although still more expensive than popular apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime-yes, I know it's not the same, but people happily pay for those apps which they use on a very regular basis). I have used Kitely before and what I love about the platform is that we know who the owners are IRL. Maybe Wagner does know the real person behind the avatar moniker, but that wasn't included in the piece. If you are going to commit money to a company you need to know where to find them IRL and to know they won't just pull the plug when they are tired of the whole gig. I got badly burned like that in the early days of OS right in the middle of a government funded project. Anyhow, just a thought.

Luna Stormfeather

@Kaylee West I just wanted to mention that you need not rent a 4 x 4 region. There are several places on the grid offering smaller parcels for rent on regions where freebie shopping, clubs and social venues are nearby. The most awesome thing about Wolf Grid is the people, and not just the peacekeepers. The residents are friendly and supportive to each other and to hypergridders. And yes I'm a bit biased, being an admin, but I stand by my comments.

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