Thursday, April 06, 2006


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Fizik Baskerville

I would imagine that Coca-Cola have approved the use of their 'mark' in context to the event. This would extend to the events approved channels of communication and marketing. Therefore the 'event' is the brand, with COKE being a sponsor.

This is a grey area, something interesting to watch. The interesting thing, I doubt Coca-Cola have a 'chapter' of Virtual World Brand Guidelines. They will have guidelines of how their brand can appear within the context of the live event.

This is not an endorsement of advertising COKE within Second Life. This is simply someone creating a realistic simulacrum of the event - a meta event.

Tenzin Tuque

hi, Is if Coke is paying anything to the event hosts or if this logo appearance is purely a freebie to the corporation?

In RL, this is obviously one of the prime items in most sponsor agreements. In other words, if Coke's logo in SL is worth $$, then has SL created a new commodity -- metaverse brand marketing? Or if it is gratis, then becomes the question of if it's wise to allow advertising freebies to multinationals. (Maybe Chevron-Exxon promoting "green power" is next?)

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So when Suntzu got City Stages' marketing director to sponsor a concert in Second Life, it was a fairly easy process for him to get the green light from one of their parent sponsors to come along for the upload, too.

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No, I believe that there is a freedom of choice aspect of Creative Commons," Suntzu tells me. "So, one can choose to put a work into the Creative Commons, say, asking only for attribution [credit], where other works might be closely held."

Aiden Smith

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Pretty sure that suntzu did not say that tinggi.

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Thanks for posting this. Liked your previous post about jenna fairplay and the VIP hostessing stuff. One of my best friends does this job at a local nightclub, so it definently sounded familiar!

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