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Monday, June 21, 2010


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Ghosty Kips

M linden hates nipples.


Lets not also gloss over the removal of an exhibitor for using a texture of naked Barbie doll.



In typical LL PR-'tard fashion, they miss the opportunity to restore a shred of squandered legitimacy with creators. They could have launched their statement with "We are pleased that an international artist of Peter Greenaway's stature and critical renown has discovered the unlimited creative uses of Second Life ... we hope his adoption of the platform will signal reconsideration of the medium by an art world which largely continues to either ignore or dismiss it."

But nooo. Nothing but wonk-headed, creativity-thwarting statement of rules.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Let's streak SLB7

There probably won't be an SLB8 at this rate. What have we to lose?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

I should have said SLB7 and SLB8 but...

SLB8 sure sounds a lot like "celibate" which rings oddly true for this fiasco.

Delinda Dyrssen

Sometimes the "rules" need to be re-written. Linden labs I find it disgraceful for you to have shut down this art exhibit before anyone even got a chance to view it. Not to mention all the hard work that the artist probably put into it... poof. More thought needs to be put into things of this nature before just pulling the plug next time.

Botgirl Questi

Although some celebrities like Peter Greenaway believe such censorship is a bad idea, others have a different opinion:

Dolls for Decency interview: http://botgirl.blogspot.com/2010/06/dolls-for-decency-response-to-nude.html

Ziki Questi

Maybe someone can put up an image of Donald Duck, and we'll see if LL bans it for nudity. Let's see: "We need to exile nipples another continent, and make SL so squeaky clean that everyone's grandmother will just love it." Pffft. What astonishing ignorance of the value of art and of societal norms.

Adeon Writer

For the Barbie case they'd have done much better by simply claiming it falls under copyright. :)

Ziki Questi

@Adeon - Yes, God forbid something like a naked Barbie should get into the hands of children.

brinda allen

I'm so glad to see the art...how in anything that's holy could anyone possibly see this as sexual?
The Benevolent Monarchy has certainly stepped on their masculine genitals on this fiasco.

Scylla Rhiadra

The absurdity of LL's overly-literal and inflexible application of its "G" rating to Rose Borchovski's installation is highlighted all the more by the subsequent removal, which some have alluded to, of Misprint Thursday's image of "nude" Barbie dolls. Any content rating that is extended to such an absurd extreme is self-evidently very badly flawed.

The thing that is most galling about this is that LL has been sending signals, particularly through the creation of the Linden Endowment for the Arts, that they value artists, and wish to nurture an even more vibrant arts community here. Sadly, events over the last few days have truly muddied the waters: it would be hard to imagine a better way to sabotage their own efforts than banning two artists from SL7B on such questionable grounds. LL has got some serious damage-control work to do with that community.

So, the question remains unanswered: does LL want serious artists here? Or not?

Robustus Hax

If you think that's bad we had an issue over whether a purple tree was realistic or not for the future of Virtual Worlds theme from SL6B last year. This year they don't seem as bad but it does seem like a lot of rigid enforcement, they have to come and inspect your parcel yada yada I don't know, maybe its just me but it seems the Birthday celebration has become more about enforcing these arbitrary policies than actually celebrating anything. I hope I'm wrong this year and there is actual some pep at this years events.


What's even more ridiculous, is that we have all seen on SL, unwillingly, things so crude that they certainly are against the TOS, in various places. And if you search for such, you will find a lot of it.

The Linden are not enought inworld (and they are less even now) too enforce their own TOS, but for the SLB's they come to have a TOS-Nazi stance (thing soup-nazi in Seinfeld).

It's very dommageable for SL's art, and could push artists to expose in Opensims instead of SL.


lol bless


the "mural" on the wall? that's the offending image?

sad state at Linden Labs. What they consider morally correct activity and artifacts and immoral activity and artifacts to be "censored".

funny if it wasnt pathetic.

BTW- thought both of those Greenaway films were quite good.

keep up the press, keep up the pressure.

Scylla Rhiadra


In fairness, the mural shown in the "Thought Police" video was apparently NOT the main bone of contention. I've posted a pic of the image that was the main source of the mod's objections on the SL Forums:


This other image employs full frontal nudity; I think that it is more clearly in violation of the event's "G" rating.

That said, I still believe that this exhibit should have been allowed to stand. And I think that LL needs to seriously rethink this "General" rating only policy for future SLB events.

Hamlet Au

Greenaway's most well-known movies, I thought to mention, also contain a lot of nudity and violence, often pushing to extreme levels. Inarguably they're works of art, but they've also provoked a lot of similar debate. *The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover* is so over the top, it was released unrated in the US. (It's the movie that put Miramax on the map, in the film industry.) I liked it a lot when it first came out, though I definitely recommend watching it *long* after you've had dinner.


the image i just saw then? a series of outstretched bodies with the inner two opposed?

well. its quite tame and about as "explicit" as a row of undressed dolls on the floor of a child's room.

one would assume "full frontal" is used to mean "genitalia" ---

anyhow- the decision to censor such an image, clearly designed as "artistic" and not as a "sexual titilation" artifact, seems sad and pathetic for a "visual" platform corporation in our society today.

"zero" tolerance is a binary concept- and why as a culture that uses art to inform, we are lessened by the attention and praise given to efforts like Linden labs Second Life and those who manage/offer it.


Rose  Borchovski

Hello, it is very curious that suddenly the discussion is about another work of me, It was the installation THE KISS, that was returned to me by Courtney Linden, not the image you are talking about.

Thank you Rose

IntLibber Brautigan

Not surprised. I hear a new protest group, Weather Underlife, made its appearance. Their twitter page was quickly banned. It appears the Silicon Valley mafia is cooperating at suppressing all forms of dissent that they themselves do not create.

Ananda Sandgrain

I can't help but feel that controversy like this is an essential part both of bringing notoriety to the artists and attention to the SL Birthday celebration. It is, after all, a tradition in SL, for the annual rite to be ostensibly run for the specific purpose of celebrating the anniversary of opening up the grid, and for it inevitably to be disrupted by some sort of resident protest.

It makes for a nice bit of theater, but I really can't take seriously any claims that this somehow adds up to censorship or that it damages SL's friendliness to artists when there are so many other venues run year-round specifically for encouraging artists and creative ventures.

or the short version: Oh please, this is just part of the annual fun. *gets out the popcorn*

Scylla Rhiadra

"Hello, it is very curious that suddenly the discussion is about another work of me, It was the installation THE KISS, that was returned to me by Courtney Linden, not the image you are talking about."

I've been told by a couple of SL7B volunteers that "The Kiss" was not, in fact, what was objected to. And this is the account of what happened given by Shawn Masters, one of the Moderators involved (and also the one who removed Misprint Thursday's image):

"Yesterday, some of us were asked to view a display at SL7B and to give our opinion on it's maturity rating. As one of the Moderators for SL7B, I along with several other Moderators determined that the display was of a mature nature and not appropriate for a PG venue. I will also tell you that the texture that is being shown to everyone is not the one that caused my concern. It was the one that was displayed on the back of the display. It showed total nudity of a image of a child no genitalia but clearly a nude texture. That being said. that disqualified it from being allowed at the venue."


Was the other image at the SL7B installation also? If so, was it returned as well?

Speaking personally, it doesn't much matter to me which was the focus of the objections: I find both acceptable. But there does seem to be some confusion about exactly which image created this stir.

Rose  Borchovski

The Installation that was returned to me is: THE KISS, the image shown in the video of Cole. The other image you are talking about was not returned. The image you showed in your blog is a different image then the one that was part of the installation (similar but different), this picture is taken by someone at my sim, cariacou, Two Fish. When I was not allowed to put The KIss back , I have asked them to return all my objects . After that I was total banned from the SL7B, I can also not enter as a visitor.
I have heard Shawn Masters has problem with nudity and Art: http://justjoonie.blogspot.com/2010/06/naked-barbies-ejected-from-sl7b.html.
But I never have met or spoken with him, Thank you Rose

Rose  Borchovski

I hope this link will work )) sorry

Hamlet Au

Sorry about that, Rose, I couldn't find an image of "The Kiss" when I wrote this, but just did and added it to this post.

Misprint Thursday

I was one of the artists who made work responding to Rose's banned work. I felt strongly both her work and my work are PG. I chose to use an image from her installation (with her permission) and juxtaposed it to an image of a barbie with no barbie clothes on-a doll kids play with. Art is visual communication and I needed to communicate visually on this idea.

Then as expected I was asked to remove it. Which I may have if I was not accused of inciting pedophilia, interrogated of my parental status and further lectured that SL is a breeding ground for pedophilia by an SL7B volunteer while Blondin Linden sat by watching it silently. That for me now is the bigger issue.

My offending work was returned by Blondin who then ejected me. They left the remainder of my installation but banned me any access to it. YES-It is their playground. I never once disputed that. But now after 3 contacts to Blondin to either lift my ban so I can access my remaining work or to return my work I have still have had no response.

Guys-this goes way beyond people who are insisting "I wish people would just follow the rules". This is about corporate integrity at this point and I am waiting to see if LL has any.

Here is what I wrote in my ticket:

I would like a response from Linden Labs. Blondin Linden was silent while an SL7B moderator stated my art could incite pedophilia, interrogated me if I had children and then went on to claim SL is a breeding ground for pedophiles.

Blondin Linden returned the "non-PG" art and banned and ejected me. The rest of my art remains at SL7b.

I would like the following:

1. An apology from Blondin Linden or Linden Labs explaining that the volunteer statements are not Linden Labs statements.

2. A response to my inquiry asking Blondin Linden 3 times to either lift my ban from sl7b or return the remainder of my work.

The silence of a Linden given these harsh statements is not right. Also-disconnecting me from my work with no recourse is not right either.

I would like to be contacted as soon as possible.

Misprint Thursday

Best to all and yes Happy Birthday SL7b. I have been happy to be part of such a creative place but I have lots of places I can be creative as well with far less grief and disturbed interrogation.

SaveMe Oh

We can keep on discussing for ages, but It would for all be better just to vote for a new president who guarantees freedom for all within the normal boundaries of law, and not the company laws like the Youtubbies, Facecrooks, Flickrs and Linden try to enforce upon us.
Vote for SaveMe Oh as your new president.


I think that the piece of art being discussed is wonderful for display for display as long as it is in a PG area


I agree with the idea of no censorship for the arts. Just as long as it is on Mature or at least a moderate region, when it contains nudity or mature themes.

Arahan Claveau

Amy Freelunch critques Rose's The Kiss in her new podcast -

When I first saw this piece there was something familiar about it, and now I've just learned of Peter Greenaway's involvement that must be it. I am immediately reminded of Prospero's Books in particular and the strong style that runs throughout his films, it is very evident in The Kiss. I'll be interested to see if anybody from Linden Lab responds to his letter, if they have even a vague interest in art they really need to take notice.

With regards to Shawn Masters, he needs to be held accountable for his quite unbelievably ill-informed and wholly unprofessional conduct. If these are the kind of individuals Linden Lab are hiring as their official representatives then we're all in serious trouble.


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