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Friday, September 14, 2012


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Alberik Rotaru

Eve Online also does a vastly better job of listening to its users through mechanisms like the CSM and a much more user-friendly approach to customer relations. And it has a mildly logical revenue model based on actual performance rather than 'We charge high fees because we can't think of anything else to do'.

John Carter McKnight

Hamlet, thanks for the shoutout on this! I'm finishing up a dissertation on user community structures in SL, WoW and EVE, and I'm grateful for any comments along the way.

Shug Maitland

What LL can not seem to fully integrate into it's thinking is that Second Life is a partnership. LL and the residents are mutually dependent! The Lab creates the tools and provides the platform, but the residents provide the content, both in terms of objects and activities. That is different from almost any other on line community. If they can ever get over their Ivory Tower mentality SL will grow again, people will want to be here, they will no longer feel trapped here by the lack of an alternative, their extensive inventories and their relationships.
(To be fair, there are many Lindens who do "get" this, the ones who do not stick out like a sore thumb, however.)
The relationship between CCP and the Eve On Line players, while not all sweetness and light, is far more of a 2 way street.


This McKnight post hit the bulls-eye regarding the problem in SL.

Thanks for making it available.

elizabeth (16)

i fell asleep reading that guys story

right after the bit where he said he got ruthed and end up as a naked shapeless blob. thats sooo 2010. he would have been a cloud if he did actual login


I read the post and thought, "Jesus wept"

SL makes Baby Jesus cry, in fact.

Great line in the post:

"their actual userbase of perverts and teachers. Which I say fondly, being in the SL core demographic."

Generic Viagra

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Arcadia Codesmith

We need engines designed to be upgraded rather than replaced. "Piling stuff on" a seven or ten or twenty-year-old engine shouldn't be an issue because the engine should be flexible enough to reinvent itself on a continuous basis.

Our problem is that we're designing virtual worlds in the 20th century industrial mode, complete with the wasteful concept of planned obsolesence. We're still not thinking in terms of long-term sustainability. To an extent that's understandable -- the industry is very young, very susceptable to hype and trends and pronouncements of impending doom.

But either we fight that tendency, or we end up with a series of fragile, ephemeral, balkinized niche worlds rather than a strong, unified virtual reality.


I did a double take at "Generic Viagra"'s post. You know, it *could* be an SL display name these days.

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